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Create a mood change with meditation and essential oils

What do you usually do to create a mood change when you need it? Is it looking in the cabinet for some chocolate? Is it scrolling down your favorite shopping site? Or maybe reaching for that extra glass of wine, because you deserve it after a long day? What if you wouldn’t have to reach […]

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Your Guide to Creating a Mood Change Using Meditation and Essential Oils

yoga and meditation

Why is yoga and meditation practice so powerful when someone is going through a change? I have witnessed it personally, and many with me. Here’s why. Yoga and meditation can help you to provide the consistency it takes to make that change for good, help you evolve, go deeper to find balance in your life, […]

Use Yoga and Meditation to Transform Your Life FOR GOOD!


Use Yoga and Meditation to Transform Your Life FOR GOOD!

Th Essential Step You Can’t Miss If You Want a Change in Your Life.

Have you heard yourself (or someone else) say “I don’t have time to work on myself.” Maybe later…”.  Why is that? Do you want to learn one step to change your life that works?! Hear me out, the majority of people go through life approaching it the same way they always have, EVEN if they’re not […]

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The Essential FIRST Step To Change Your Life


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