3 Tips How to Stay Inspired All Day!

Learn about how you can stay inspired when something is trowing you off during your day. I’ll share with you 3 tips how to make the energetic shift!

Have you ever been laying there in bed in the morning and you just feel it’s going to be good day!

That bubbling feeling that THIS DAY is going to start off GREAT, you just feel it and off you go starting off your day on a good foot.

And THEN something happens that throws you completely off…..!

Watch video below!

The whole day feels it’s a waste JUST BECAUSE someone said or did something that threw you completely off.

And when you lay down in bed in the evening you’re wondering “Why did this day turn upside down, and why do I feel so drained?”

Below are 3 helpful tips HOW TO STAY INSPIRED in situations that are frustrating, or when something unexpected is happening that drag you down suddenly.

1. What is your choice?

  • First of all, this may be hard to hear, it’s your choice. It’s very easy to see someone else as the reason for things turning sour in your day. But in fact it was your choice all along to make that shift and get frustrated.
  • Many people don’t realize that whatever happens in your day, you don’t have to align with the energy that’s happening around you.
  • If there is something that’s happening that you’re not happy about, you have two options, engage in what’s happening, or for you to not get involved in that energy. Sounds simple, it isn’t.
  • Most people are instinctively reacting to a situation weather it’s positive or negative/ but what can help you stay inspired and energized is to say no, to a frustrating energy. And move on to engage in something that inspires you instead.
  • When you re-direct your focus on something that inspires you instead, it’s called inspired action.
  • And when you take inspired action instead of frustrated action, the outcome likely is very different.

2. How can you invite playfulness?

  • Anything that happens have a positive and negative energy to it and we get to choose how we take it in.
  • Next time you get thrown off course and feel frustrated and drained about it, see if you can see the beauty and invite your playfulness and see the innocence of the situation or the person you’re dealing with instead and see what happens.
  • Now this may seem extremely hard to do. How can I invite playfulness into an already frustrating situation?
  • This is the energy of newness and creativity, seeing the situation in a new light, that is going to break that cycle.
  • How can you invite new light, a new thought, and maybe even a little dance or spontaneity into the picture?

3. How can you invite a higher perspective?

  • The third tip when we feel dragged down when lack of motivation or the energy of frustration shows up during your day.
  • What you can do is to see the big picture. And most importantly, be willing to see the higher perspective of the situation. 
  • What that does is that it’s creating a shift this shift is bringing your emotions and energy vibration to a higher frequency and at that level the energy of frustration can’t persist.
  • One way of bringing in a higher vibration is to seek the opportunity in the situation instead of aligning with the frustration.

We cannot stay inspired unless we keep ourselves inspired!

So give it a try –  also have a previous podcast episode with 7 tips on how to create instant well-being here.

How can you apply any of these tips next time something comes up?

What you’re going to train yourself to do is to not only make an instant shift when frustration shows up, but you are inviting Harmony, balance, ease and flow.

And THAT’s worth a little playful dance right? :-))

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