7 Tips to Create Instant Well-being on a Really Busy Day

Do you recognize this scenario in your own life?

Imagine that you before the start of your day you have all the intentions in the world to be mindful, keep your stress at minimum, increase your well-being.

You even have plans to finally sign up for that yoga class tonight (which you have postponed twice before).


The day turns on its head and the blissful work day is resembling nothing of that…

The plan to have a great day suddenly turned into a nightmare.

And it’s not even lunch yet…

On a really busy day every single thought about your own self care gets put waaay to the side and instead, it’s GO-GO-GO!!

Have you had those days?

I have.

Many times.

instant well-being

What I described above is a too common scenario for many busy working women who are multi-tasking both at work and at home, feeling like there’s no end in sight.

Can you relate?

For me, it wasn’t until sometime after 9pm or later that the GO-GO-GO feeling could ease off chasing my mind and body, at the same time it felt like it was too late in the day to go back to being blissfully mindful.

Oh well, no well-being that day either…

As I described, the lessons I learned were some hard ones, but now I’d like to share a different approach with you that I have discovered and leaned on for a long time now with some pretty amazing results.

Now I am busier than EVER before, but feeling better than EVER.

How can that be?

If you’re having that nightmare kind of day, these tips may help you ease off that feeling of going on autopilot and just pushing through the day (or week!).

It’s an opportunity to give yourself some space in your day. Even if it’s the busiest day ever.

The kind of space where you can bring forward the feeling of well-being in an instant, and that makes all the difference.


7 tips to create feelings of instant well-being on a really busy day:


1) “What can I learn from this?”

    • If you’re in the midst of all the stress, there’s this question that can take the edge off any rushed mind. The question is “What can I learn from this?”. It’s such a powerful question that it’ll put you right into the present moment.
    • If you’re not asking yourself that question, start today. Without self awareness you’ll be doing the same thing five years from now.
    • Therefore, it’s through your intention and willingness to learn that you grow, and it’s never too late to say YES!.


2) “How can I tune into this moment?”

    • To amplify clarity and focus in the day it’s essential to learn how to tune into yourself at any time you want. Through meditation you’ll tune into yourself in an instant.
    • It’s the easiest way to give yourself space in the day, even if it’s for 3 minutes at your desk.
    • Next, try my 3-min meditations designed for when you are at work HERE.


3) “OK, what’s the situation, really? 

    • The second you get real about what’s going on right now, that’s when the opportunity to change the situation is right in front of you.
    • In that moment, decide if you’re going to complain about how stressful your work day is so far, OR if you’re going to look for what’s good about the day so far?
    • I’d like to challenge you with that. Prove to yourself there is something good in ANY situation. By bringing in a thought of gratitude you’ll give yourself the positive boost you need on a stressful day.


4) “What inspires me today?”

    • One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that if I’m not inspired every day, I’m not bringing out and living my true potential. How long of a time can you go without being truly inspired? I know it can be done for quite some time. I did that for many years.
    • In my opinion, inspiration is the fuel to step into your confidence. The feeling of confidence and expansion doesn’t pair with stress. So if you stay inspired, you give yourself the space you need to not let yourself get drained.





5) “ What does my body need today?”

    • For years I separated my body from my mind. And in 99% of the cases my mind was running the show, until I was both mentally and physically exhausted. Not anymore. Just by asking yourself what your body needs, you’ll create space to allow your body to speak to you. Maybe the lower back is tensed up? Maybe you’re having a headache? Or Maybe your stomach hurts?. That’s all body-talk. Listen to it!
    • So, by bringing in some body-love by actually paying attention to your body how it feels when you’re in a big meeting, or meeting a client, you also give yourself space to connect your mind with your body in an instant.
    • From there you also have the opportunity to protect your energy from being given away. Keeping your energy during a work day is the key to not come home exhausted.


6) “What is that one little thing that’s going to make the difference for me right now?”

    • Now, here is the question that you can ask yourself anytime you feel you’re off the charts busy. You need realistic shifts that actually make a difference instantly, not the sweeping goals of “one day I’ll…..”. If you’re going to live a life in well-being, it starts in this moment. (Try it out! Ask yourself right now: What is that one little thing that’s going to make the difference for me right now.”)
    • Maybe it’s that you’re reaching for your headphones and finally doing that 3 min meditation, or that you’re deciding that tomorrow you’ll set your alarm for 10 min earlier and start a completely new morning routine.


7) “How can I help someone else?”

    • Moreover, if you really want to call on your feelings of well-being and maintain that for a long time, you’ll need to take the focus off yourself and onto how you can use your talents and gifts to help, influence or teach others.
    • When you’re creating space for yourself, you’re pushing stress and business away by taking your attention off yourself. Use your talents to stay true to who you are, go for it, own your awesomeness and share it with the world!!!


Using these 7 questions you can learn how to call on your well-being in an instant. 

Try it now!

Ask yourself these key questions:

  1. What can I learn from this?
  2. How can I tune into this moment?
  3. OK, what’s the situation, really?
  4. What inspires me today?
  5. What does my body need today?
  6. What’s the one little thing that’s going to make a difference for me right now?
  7. How can I help someone else?

What are your answers?


Lastly, when you combine self awareness, meditation, yoga to connect with your true self, you are stepping into your true potential and successful personal growth in life.

Which one of the questions stands out to you?

Give yourself the gift of bringing all these questions into your day today and increase your well-being even on the busiest of days.



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