7 Key Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

Are you a busy woman feeling frustrated, rushed and overwhelmed? Or are you a busy woman that’s calm, centered and connected?

Who would you prefer to be? Next I’m going to share with you 7 key benefits of hiring a life coach.

Often women try to keep an image up of tolerating their situation at work or at home instead of making the leap to invest the personal time it takes to identify the reason for the frustration.

Then make changes to release that frustrated energy, and make the shift into a more connected life in flow.

You’re not alone in feeling frustrated.

I used to bottle everything up inside and would just keep going.

As a result, I had explosions of emotions every 6 months or so because I didn’t know how to let frustration and resistance move through me.

Instead, I kept it all inside, keeping up the appearance until it burst (and often this burst of emotion was triggered by some trivial thing…).

Exhausting! Draining and NOT recommended, especially since it was my husband who had to endure these explosive energy releases of mine.

hiring a life coach

For you it may be a different situation?

You may turn to friends or other close relationships to share your frustrations with?

Friends are great but often friends enroll in your emotional mess, feeding more of the misery, so that it stays even more in the forefront of your life.

Whether you hold your frustration in until it bursts or amplify your frustrations through people that enroll in that same energy.

There are other ways to truly transform your frustrations into something of a completely different energy.

Next I’ll share 7 key benefits of hiring a life coach.

My hope is that you’ll learn more about what having the support of a life coach can do for you.

Interestingly, coaches have been around for a long time, in sports, in business and now increasingly to support going through life transformations.

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of hiring a life coach, you might wonder what life coaching is all about and ultimately, what are those benefits?



7 benefits of hiring a life coach are available to you right now:

1. Feeling Joy in Your Life

Making a connection with your truth happens in a coaching session where there are no excuses or a focus on someone else.

You are here for you and no one else.

You many feel a sense of relief, as many women do, when you realize that the time spent in your coaching session is to focus on YOU only and not on work, kids or any other responsibility.

The safe space created during a coaching session opens up all kinds of opportunities.

For example, thinking about what your dream really is, living in that feeling for a moment, then expanding that thought and feeling beyond what you thought was possible and finally, finding out how to get there.

2. Seeing Your Life in a New Light

It’s hard to gain self awareness about yourself these days. So many women just forge ahead every day without blinking.

It’s our masculine side- the action oriented, action taking, super-laser-focused-thinking woman that always has to excel.

In coaching, you don’t have to perform, you don’t have to think, you can switch gears to bring back your feelings, and  take your time to settle into your true you.

Through coaching you can find your flow again and connect with your intuition to access what’s right for you.

3. A Sense of Choice

Many women I speak with feel like they don’t have a choice and that work is taking a much larger place than other parts of life.

It’s understandable when having a job, having kids, being a wife, it’s easy to feel that all of this comes with expectations and a one way street.

Through spiritual life coaching you’ll discover that in everything you do you have a choice. You also get to navigate through to find your best option and support to make decisions. Big decisions are welcome.

Through the coaching process a big decision is broken down in smaller parts so that you can see the options clearly. You can then assess the impact on yourself and others in a wider perspective before making a decision.

hiring a life coach

4. Taking Realistic Actions

You are an ambitious and driven individual so you want to do it all and it’s overwhelming.

Another benefit of coaching is that you’ll get to examine what IS realistic for you. Without comparison, just you and what you feel motivated to do.

Hear me out!

To-do lists don’t have to always be full. Once you feel that you have a realistic goal, you’ll do it with ease and joy!

The guiding light here is motivation.

Anything can be done if you see the goal clearly and realize that the goal is realistic. Then you’ll just go DO!


5. Feeling Supported Without Judgement

The benefit of having an independent partner in a coach to walk with you is invaluable.

Someone that won’t judge you or your situation, someone who is a deep intuitive listener that can hear between the lines and hold you accountable.

The coaching environment is a place to allow instead of push, centered vs. rushed, to want-to instead of have-to.

It’s important for any busy woman to have a safe space to settle into, to slow down and realize the benefit of having guided meditations, yoga classes and coaching sessions all with the same person.

6. Shifting from I can’t to I CAN!

Often frustration is built up when we see no change to areas of our life that we want to change.

Part of the major shift that can occur through coaching is related to old thought patterns that you may not align with anymore.

The good news is that you can decide to adopt a new thought (like I CAN!) today and make a major shift in your thought process!

It’s OK to change beliefs!

7. Creating Healthier Relationships

Knowing yourself from the inside out helps to create healthier relationships with others.


Setting boundaries and protecting your own energy is essential for success. You want to be able to show up in your relationships with patience, non-judgement and love.

When you are stressed and overwhelmed it’s the relationships that are taking the toll.

I’m sure there are a million other benefits specific to you individually and your life.

Are you getting curious about how you could benefit from life coaching?

Make a list of what benefits of hiring a life coach you would like to see for yourself?

For example: I’d like the benefit of… This will give me a chance to… in my life.

Some of them may be exactly like the ones above, some may be completely different.

Pay attention! The benefits you’d like to see is a clue to your path to fulfillment.

Now it’s your decision to make them reality!


hiring a life coach




In summary, the 7 benefits of hiring a life coach are:

  1. Feeling joy in your life
  2. Seeing your life in a new light
  3. A sense of choice
  4. Taking realistic action
  5. Feeling supported without judgement
  6. Shifting from I can’t to I CAN!
  7. Creating healthier relationships


How would you feel if you made a leap towards a fulfilled and happy life today?


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and live with
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