Transformation Using Yoga to Embody the Change You Want

Why are so many people getting into yoga?

Many of us are busy from the second we wake up to the second we fall asleep. This is when you need a transformation and yoga may be the answer.

With a busy life and many demands both at work, home and everywhere it’s very few times per day we get a break.

Have you thought of using yoga to accelerate personal transformation?

You may think, with so much activity already going on in our day do we really need yoga?


Yoga is a different kind of activity.

It’s transformation for your body, mind and soul.

And who doesn’t need a transformation about right now?

Personally, I learned to meditate when I was in my teens but I had not been introduced to yoga yet.

First time I heard about yoga was when I hiked in Nepal many years ago and in my travel group was a man and a woman who had been to India to study yoga.

Long story short, when I came home I went with a friend to my first yoga class because I was so curious about it.

I knew I had to destress and do more exercise, and I knew that meditation was part of a yoga class and I was comfortable with that, so why not go?

And so I did.

I was hooked.

Coming out of that first class I felt SO good. I felt lighter and clearer. Calmer. I couldn’t explain it, but I knew I had to come back.


Embody your transformation using yoga!

Today I’m a yoga and meditation teacher and I love sharing the transformational power of yoga with others, helping you to teaching you how you can return to that natural connection between body and mind.

Of course the best way to  experience the power of yoga is to take a few yoga classes and then decide if yoga is for you.

You may think that yoga is just another way of exercising in the traditional sense.

You’re in for so much more.

If you are open to getting to know your body and your life force, your breath in a different way than ever before.

If you want to experience your body as one with you through connecting your breath with movement. And if you want to experience how your inner emotional life is linked to every little tightness you feel in your body.

Yoga is for you!

transformation yoga

Yoga is for transformation.

So, if you feel curious about starting a yoga practice, it’s possible that you are also in a phase of transformation in your life.

Many times the two go together, and naturally so.

When you are going through a change in your life you not only need to process what’s happening in your mind, but your body needs to process the change as well.

Embody your change.

What does this mean?

It builds on the concept of oneness. Our body is not separate from our mind, so if you are going through changes, making choices that are right for you and taking action on them, your body will be part of that process.

Every day you build up tension in your body. Maybe you got anxious about something and tension was built up in your body, or maybe you had a great belly laugh and felt gratitude for having such great kids and tension was released from your body.

In both experiences, your body was with you the entire time.

Especially through change we can feel fearful of the unknown. It expresses itself as worry, stress and anxious feelings.

The body knows fear.

We have learned through the years to harbor fear in the body instead of letting it flow through.

What that does to us long term is we get sensitive to illness and external influences.

When you are going through a change, the emotions you’re having get translated to the body in terms of tension.

Yoga teaches us to connect the mind with the body to release that built up tension.

If you haven’t tried yoga before, don’t sweat. You don’t have to go buy yoga pants, or sit cross-legged on the first day. You can start yoga today without the fancy stuff.

Start yoga for your well-being.

Here are a few tips to get you started with a mini-yoga practice at work or home sitting on a chair: (even if you are an experienced yogi, these tips will get you back to basics).

1) Being Breath Aware – The simplest meditation is to notice your breath. Tune into yourself with a 3 minute meditation closing your eyes, noticing to your breath. Every inhale and every exhale.

Inhale deeply through the nose and hold the breath for 3 seconds, release the breath completely through your mouth.

Notice the energy in your body.

2) The Shoulder Release – So much tension is stored in the neck and shoulders. Draw your shoulders up to your ears, and inhale deeply through the nose (keep your eyes closed). Hold your breath for a second, feel everything that is up for you, then release the shoulders down and back at the same time as you release your breath through the mouth. Repeat 20 times or as long as you wish.

Inhale draw shoulders up, exhale through mouth and drop the shoulders. Inhale and hold your breath with lifted shoulders for 3 seconds. Release breath through your mouth.

Notice the energy in your body.

Almost there…

3) Neck Roll – There is nothing better than a good neck roll. You’ll feel like new. Draw your chin towards the chest, roll the head to the right, inhale through the nose, lean your head back and around. Exhale as chin is meeting the chest.

Repeat 10 rolls then switch direction for another 10 rolls. Inhale and hold for 3 seconds. Then release breath through the mouth.

Notice the energy in your body.

4) Earth to Sky Stretch – Release your energy with this stretch anytime and feel the connection between the earth and the sky. Sit straight with a tall spine feeling your seat. Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. Place left hand on the left side of your chair, inhale and lift the right arm and hand up towards the ceiling, look up towards the right hand. Reach and extend.

Exhale as the right hand comes down. Repeat on other side. Repeat 20 times.

Then, inhale and both hands come up reaching towards the ceiling, hold the breath for 3 seconds with arms straight up. Release breath and arms down.

Notice the energy in your body.

Watch the video (4 minutes) below if you’d like to watch how to do these exercises:

Do this practice for 40 days every day.

Move with breath. Release tension.

Feel your energy transformation with yoga.

If you want to accelerate a change in your life yoga can help you get the momentum and change you want.

By embody your change you are giving yourself the opportunity to release your fears for the unknown, releasing the built up tension from the day by staying present in your body and with your mind.

Are you an over-thinker? Someone who worries a lot? Are you someone who feel the monkey-mind is always active?

This is for you.

You can always come back to the stillness that yoga provides to your entire being. Every day.

What’s holding You back from trying yoga?

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