How to Activate Your Inner Wisdom Instead of Emotions

Are you drawing conclusions and getting emotional about your situation real quick?

Learn the secret of how you can activate your powerful inner wisdom instead of your emotions when a problem occurs.

It’s much easier to use our emotions than our inner wisdom.

That’s because we are so used to react to a situation in reflection of someone else’s emotions.

However, our emotions (and ego) play us tricks all the time and it’s not always in our favor.

Now is the time to call on our inner wisdom!

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To live our lives to the fullest we need our emotions to help us lead the way to what we’re passionate about. On the other hand, in a heated moment emotions can also rob us from our truth and what we truly want.

When we run into problems, you know that feeling of things not going the way you want, or someone bringing you down with their words and actions. That’s when we get emotional. When we get emotional we get personal.

When we take things personally we fire up our ego.

Have you ever felt criticized by someone at work, by a friend or by someone close to you? I bet you felt 100% emotional about it.

That sinking feeling when someone is coming up to you to let you know that “ you’re really not up to par” or using “you did it wrong” type of language.

Almost immediately you begin to feel very separate and removed from the person who’s giving you the criticism.

You feel alone. And emotional.

Here’s the thing – our inner wisdom does not take it personally.

Why? Our inner wisdom is not separate from anyone else’s inner wisdom. We all want the same thing.

I’ll explain what I mean by that in a minute, but first I’d like to give you an example from my own life about this exact dilemma.

I used to get caught in my emotions at work as soon as I ran into a problem, especially if someone gave me the slightest hint of criticism about my work or the way I showed up at work.

I just couldn’t take it if someone said to me that I had done something wrong or wasn’t doing something quite right.

Believe me, I still hate being wrong.

I still have a hard time admitting it when I’m wrong.  But I have learned to call on my inner wisdom in those situations where I feel triggered to react emotionally and withdraw in a flood of negative emotions.

I remember a few years ago being mentored by a senior leader within the company I worked for. He pointed out over and over again that I wasn’t listening. He had many more years at the company under his belt than I, he was an expert in his field and I respected that.

As we discussed strategy for a new project, I asked a bunch of questions. During our conversation he kept telling me that I wasn’t listening. I got emotional because I felt all I was doing was listening, and I was so eager to learn!

His comments hit home. I could feel my emotions taking over. In that heart crunching feeling when emotions are taking over, we feel small and alone.

So, let’s fast forward to what I’ve learned since then.

I’ve learned to activate my inner wisdom instead of getting caught up in emotions and not to take it personally in the moment.

(By the way I know now, many years later, why he said I wasn’t listening- because I really wasn’t.)

You probably have your own examples where you’ve found yourself in a similar situation of feeling someone is completely wrong and feeling attacked.

Emotions taking over doesn’t even have to happen when you’re with someone in person. It can happen when you receive an email, a text, or a post on social media.

Can you relate?

Why is it important to call on our inner wisdom instead of emotions in situations like this?

Because our inner wisdom doesn’t take things personally. There is no you and me. The inner wisdom you have inside you is the same as anyone else’s inner wisdom.

Our inner wisdom is much more powerful than any emotion.

When our inner wisdom steps forward, the ego steps aside and everything that made us get emotional in the first place fades away.

When you activate inner wisdom to step forward, the big picture also steps forward, instead of the small single situation (or comment) itself.

With our inner wisdom activated our ego’s need for approval, attention and acknowledgement is no longer there. Gone is the strive to determine who’s right or wrong. And it’s not about taking it personally anymore.

Instead, you feeling gratitude for the lesson you’re presented with. And it’ no longer felt as a personal attack or that someone is “out to get you”.

Your inner wisdom deep down is all about gratitude, love and oneness. And it’s the same for everyone, in any situation if you let it your inner wisdom lead, and not your ego.

So how do you activate your inner wisdom instead of your emotions? Next I explore the secret to it all.

When you run into a problem that is calling on your emotions do you start taking it personally? It’s so easy to get swept away by the ego and the wave of fear that is rolling in.

No matter what situation is, or who is involved, you can activate your inner wisdom. If an energy exchange (yes that’s what it is, an energy exchange) is triggering you, you don’t need to react emotionally. You can step forward by activating your inner wisdom with help from an intuitive life coach.

  • The first thing you do is to take a deep breath. Physiologically this allows for a moment of mental non-reaction.
  • Then you bring in a milli-second of observing the situation you’re in from the outside of yourself. Almost as if you were the 3rd person present in the room.
  • Next, you say “Thank You”. (If the situation doesn’t call for a thank you out loud, say it in your head.) Your sensation of gratitude for this learning opportunity will wash over you, with gratitude meeting the fear at the door.

Gratitude as a feeling has greater energy momentum than fear, so if you elevate your thoughts to gratitude your fear won’t catch momentum.

For ANY problem that occurs, there is a Thank You.

  • Lastly, now it’s time to respond back to the situation (or person). Instead of responding with fear and being emotionally cracked open, your response is full of inner strength, wisdom, and gratitude.

I bet your response is much different if you let your inner wisdom lead, instead of your emotions.

Practice this when you’re in a situation where you are getting emotional and on you’re on your way to taking it personally.

A response out of love, acceptance and the perspective of oneness is one of inner wisdom.

Next time you run into a problem. How will you respond?

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