Are You Living from the Heart and Intuition?

Excerpt from Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition by Ulrika Sullivan.

In the midst of my professional corporate career, with a young family, I found myself very successful, highly valued, overworked, and unfulfilled.

I found myself standing in my messy kitchen late one cold winter evening, feeling totally stressed and drained because of the endless back-to-back meetings, juggling kids, activities, work travel commitments, the increasing home to-do list on millions of post-its, and ending the day in front of the computer to squeeze in some late-night hours of work, but I carried on…

Fast forward to a few years later. It was a bright spring morning. I took a deep breath to inhale the fresh air. I was on my way to meet up with a good friend that I hadn’t seen in a long time. As we sat down at the little cozy cafe and began to catch up, she stopped herself and looked at me mid-sentence.

There was a slight pause as if she was searching for the right words. “There is something different about you, Ulrika. What is it? I can’t put my finger on it.”

Wisdom Beyond What You Know How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition

When I smiled and nodded slowly and looked back at her with a sense of inner recognition I felt an inner sense of joy. I wasn’t surprised that she had sensed something different about me, but I was happy she noticed. The last time we saw each other, I was late and rushed to see her; my thoughts were everywhere but the present.

Now, as we sat here at a corner table, I felt calm and excited and I couldn’t wait to tell her about it.

And I can’t wait to tell you…

Wisdom Beyond What You Know How to live from the heart and intuiton Ulrika Sullivan

New Light Living Podcast – Season 3 has started!

Wisdom Beyond What You Know: Part 1

Today’s episode is a personal one. It’s here and I’ve been waiting so long for this episode to happen!

Yes, you guessed it! We’ll talk about my new book!!!

As you embark on this episode, which is the first of a three-part series I get to be a guest on my own podcast. I’m being interviewed by the amazing Patricia Lindner.

Learn about where I got the idea to write the book Wisdom Beyond What You Know: How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from the Heart and Intuition, who I wrote the book for, and some of the BIG shifts that I talk about in the book!

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

Apple Podcast – Part 1


Shift from Being Driven by the Mind: Part 2

Next, this is the second very special episode in the 3-part series.

In this episode, Patricia Lindner is interviewing me about having an inner conversation, inner transparency, and the 7 shifts presented in the book.

You don’t want to miss the story of my big ‘point of no return’. As of January 11, 2022, you can get your own copy my book available on Amazon and fine retailers globally. Visit

Apple Podcast – Part 2


Living from the Heart and Intuition: Part 3

Today, I welcome you to the third episode in the 3-part series where I’m being interviewed by the fabulous Patricia Lindner about my new book Wisdom Beyond What You Know.

Furthermore, in today’s episode, I answer questions about Energy awareness, the big takeaway of the book, and also my biggest wish with this book.

Get your copy at

Apple Podcast – Part 3


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