Finding Your Magic and Body Wisdom

Her name is Mindy Ruddock, she is an intuitive women wellness coach. She has always been drawn to movement and the body’s wisdom. She has strong connection to the Earth and have learned how to listen to her intuition.

One of the things she is passionate about is helping others find their magic and trust their intuition. As a dancer she teaches body movement. Mindy is inspiring us to get up and move our bodies to release fear and open up to truly trust ourselves. This lends to a deeper more whole experience of life.

In this episode we talk about how important it is to connect back with our playful inner child. And how to reconnect with that spark of magic that we all have.

What is your magic and body wisdom?

Magic is that spark that we all have inside of us. That is dancing under the sprinkler as a child experiencing life in the moment. Through life we tend to forget ourselves and our connection with our magic and our body wisdom.

In her work Mindy suggests that one way of tapping into our inner child again is to move our body freely. Our own essence and expression is continously received and held by the the physical body.

So by releasing pent up energy through body movement it also helps us to release emotionally. And help us connect back to who we truly are.

On her personal quest for her own magic Mindy explored dance early on. Today she highly recommend meditation as a means of letting go. As well as learning how to listen to our inner child (as opposed to our inner critic).

Moreover, she also find crystals as a source of connecting to her own essence and body wisdom. Crystals play an important part in her daily practice today.

Learn more in this wonderful episode “Finding Your Magic and Body Wisdom” with Mindy Ruddock!

Find out more about Mindy on her website

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