The Unspoken Power of Having a Morning Routine that You LOVE!

Is the morning the uplifting best part or the dragging worst part of the day for you?

For me, it’s honestly the absolute best part of the day when I can do my daily meditation and yoga morning practice.

But it hasn’t always been like that…

I used to go to bed exhausted, wake up exhausted, and continue my day exhausted. There was a big fat exhaustion sign stapled to my face and calendar and I didn’t know what to do about it.

I didn’t have the confidence to believe that things could be different for me.

The hopeless feeling of doing the same old routine every day, the same pattern, the same of everything. I just wanted to get out of the house as soon as possible to start my day in full force.

Deep down I knew that the way I approached my mornings didn’t support me at all.

What I’m about to tell you next is how I turned the worst part of my day into the BEST part of my day, and how it impacted my entire life experience.


You can have this shift too.

Don’t know where to start? In this article, I’ll share the exact steps that I took to turn it around.

So how did I get to a place of flow and ease?

If you’re someone who’s just starting to notice that you’re indeed getting out of bed tired, and want to learn about how to get out of that feeling in the morning, you’re in the perfect place.

Because it started with wanting something different. Wanting a different feeling in the morning other than the rush and the push.

I created my meditation and yoga morning routine that I now do every morning. But it took me a long time between noticing and acting on it and the reason is self-confidence.

Lack of self-confidence is one of the main reasons for not acting on something you know needs to change.

So right here, right now, take a moment to feel into how you want to experience your mornings differently.

Bring out a piece of paper or a Post-it note and write down exactly what comes to you on the following three questions:


1) I want my mornings to feel______________________.

2) I want my mornings to start with  _________________ instead of__________________.

3) The reason I haven’t made a change yet is that I feel__________________________.

Now, take a look at the answer to the third question and then the first question.

What’s the difference between those answers?

The difference is your opportunity to shift from feeling 3)____________ to feeling 1)_____________!

Connect with Yourself morning guided meditation

Here is how you can make the shift and start your new morning routine and practice:

Step 1: Identify the feeling you want to feel in the morning.

Identify a situation that made you feel the way you want to feel in the morning.

Brainstorm this, it can be anything that you know would generate that feeling. For example, it could be the feeling you’re having when you go for ice cream.

Or it could be the feeling you’re having inside when you’re walking in nature. If you don’t know a particular situation that’s fine too, but try to identify a time in your life when you truly felt that way.

Step 2: Act on the feeling you want.

Bring that feeling intentionally into your morning first thing. How about starting tomorrow?!

Time to get creative.

Imagine that you’re waking up and your eyes are opening. What is the next thing you do that would bring in that feeling?

Look at the answer you put under 2.) above.

Get a clue from that answer. How could you change what you do first thing in the morning to something that can generate your desired feeling?

For me, my entire mood and inner feeling of connection to my true self changed when I decided to commit to starting to meditate daily and having a yoga morning routine to support me.

My practice today looks something like this:

As soon as I wake up I sit up in my bed and the very first thing I do is meditate.

I mostly use guided meditations or visualizations in the morning because I just want to follow along. I don’t want to start my day by making decisions or feeling like I’m doing, I want to start my day BEING. And by making it easy for ourselves we tend to decide to stay consistent.

Try these meditations designed to support you through change!


Connect with yourself yoga morning routine

You may want to start with something completely different.

My advice is to only go with what brings you that desired feeling first thing in the morning, nothing else.

Then build the next step from there as you continually come back to your practice.

I also journal after meditation, which you may enjoy too!

Step 3: Wake up your body with a yoga morning routine.

Starting your morning in bliss emotionally is a wonderful start, but the body also needs to wake up to be able to serve you during the day.

I believe this is best done with some slow physical activity and includes a yoga morning routine

Many people start their day with a rigorous and fast workout routine, my experience with that is it’s only contributing to the stress.

In my practice, I have several things that I do slowly in the morning to tune into myself and tune into my body. So that I can transition into my day to come, with flow and ease.

I used to wake up and get right into the shower, already thinking about my to-do list. I didn’t like the way that made me feel.

So, now that you’re off to a great start emotionally, it’s important to bring the body with you and you can do that by creating a morning routine with yoga included.

There are many ways to tend to our bodies in the morning, instead of rushing into the shower and get going.

What does your body need in the morning?

Is it stretching, is it breath-work, is it a couple of sun salutations, or energy work?

I do energy work and slow yoga after meditation to wake up my body. The body will be thanking you for not rushing to the gym.

Here are three practices that I love (you also can do them in your bed if you prefer that):

  1. Neck roll  Inhale as your head falls to the right side and back, and exhale as your head falls to the left side and forward. Repeat a couple of times.
  2. Side stretch (also called Heaven and Earth stretch) – Place your right hand beside you and reach the left hand up to the ceiling while you inhale. Shift after 3 breaths.
  3. Seated forward fold (with cross-legged or straight legs) – Reach up to the ceiling and inhale, exhale as you fold over your legs. Three deep inhales/exhales and fold over your legs, then three deep inhales/exhales reaching up and repeating.

All three practices are done using equal-duration inhales and exhales. Usually, a count of four or five on the inhale and exhale respectively is good in the morning.

Let the breath lead and follow with your movement in your yoga morning routine.

Step 4: Let your family know that you’re doing something different.

Let your family and pets know that you’re changing your routine in the morning.

This can be the most difficult step. Because family demands in the morning can derail us.

Maybe a child comes into your bedroom first thing in the morning and asks you to do something, or they need something NOW! Or a pet is demanding your attention from the second you open your eyes.

I often go down to my office where I have a meditation space set up to do my morning routine and my family knows that if the door is closed, it’s a no-go.

Once you have decided what your new morning routine looks like, let your family know you’ll be doing something different in the morning and let them know why.

Step 5: Step into your day with confidence.

You’re now ready to step into your busy day with confidence, being in tune with your emotions and your body.

Notice the difference as you step out into your day!

So, there you go.

These are the five simple steps to get you started to create a new morning routine that brings connection to your body and mind so that you can have a smooth start and walk out the door with a boost of self-confidence!

Here are the steps again;

1: Identify the feeling you want.

2: Act on the feeling you want.

3: Wake up your body with a yoga morning routine.

4: Let your family know that you’re doing something different.

5: Step into your day with confidence.

Your new morning routine could be as short as 5 minutes or 30 minutes. It’s all about what’s right for you.

Be creative, play with it. Notice the difference.


How do you want to feel in the morning?


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