4 Myths About Meditation Worth Knowing

Are you unsure if you’re meditating right? In this post, I’m going to clear four key myths about meditation, because if you’re not already having a regular meditation practice and may want to begin one the time is NOW!

As you may have noticed, meditation is one of the key entryways to getting to know your real YOU. Your natural self and the energy that you embody naturally.

All of the myth’s below I have come across and are quite common, and may have held you back from really going deep into the world of meditation.

My hope is to to clear those meditation myths for you today.

I have created a series of guided meditations “Energized in Life” for you that are super easy to follow, and you also get a free meditation calendar, check them out HERE.

OK are you ready, let’s dive into these myth’s!

1. The myth that you have to know how to meditate to meditate 

There are many different set of instructions and tips out there on how to meditate and what to do which is great, but I’d like to introduce a different focus.

In my opinion, meditations less about how to meditate, it’s about the feeling and experience of the connection with yourself and your own natural energy.

It’s not about what you DO when you’re meditating, it’s about the experience.

The myth that we need to take a meditation course, or learn to meditate from someone else cane helpful when it comes to increasing your confidence to get started, but the connection and conscious state we are in during meditation (our inner self) is YOU.

And when you allow yourself to be with YOU, you already know, it’s YOU, right?!

The natural state you step into when you meditate is you.

There is nothing to learn, because this energy of YOU is so natural to you that you’re not even reflecting on it, it’s just there.

However, the big challenge is to slow down enough to connect to this state that is so natural to you.

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2. The meditation myth of being silent inside your head when you meditate.

It’s virtually impossible to be silent inside your head, even during meditation. Thoughts are going through your mind constantly. That is natural.

If you’ve had expectations that your mind needs to be empty, you are not alone. This misconception is very common.

Instead, try to focus your energy on yourself and your inner world and not on the external world. Thoughts may come and go about anything (which is completely normal), but gently guide your thoughts back to your inner world.

Using a mantra or an affirmation that you love is a powerful way to allow the focus to stay on your inner world.

3. The myth that there are successful meditations and failed meditations

We often put a judgment on our meditation practice because ‘nothing happened’ or we felt it was too short or too long, or we didn’t sit right or whatever.

I want to take that meditation myth and bust it out the window right now for you. I’d like to invite you to focus on your intention instead and why you’re meditating first place.

How can you let go of judgement when it comes to your meditation practice?

The more you can believe that every time you intend to meditate it’s a success, no matter the label you put on it.

ALL meditation is good.

Hear me out, every time you intend to meditate is a success! Meditation is always successful no matter what. Meditation just is.

4. The meditation myth that there needs to be a result or outcome from each meditation. 

Wisdom Beyond What You Know Ulrika Sullivan

It’s true that during meditation you lower the frequency of the brain waves and you feel calmer as a result. That benefit is not only there for you during meditation, it’s a benefit throughout your day.

However, if you keep looking for a result or outcome during your meditation, you’re likely not connecting with your inner voice or natural energy, you’re keeping the brain on high alert.

Meditation itself is not going to give you an outcome. What meditation does it connects you to your ability to become self aware.

And more importantly, it’s what you DO with that self awareness that is the actual outcome.

A regular meditation practice helps you to become self aware. And all the times you’ve practiced connecting with your inner voice (true self or higher self etc. it’s all the same) through meditation it increases your ability to catch yourself.

For example, in a heated moment with a friend or family member you are able to catch yourself when you are frustrated and lashing out at someone in a real-life situation.

When you meditate it helps you become self aware, so that you can choose in daily life moments how you want to respond instead of just react.

I hope this has helped you get inspired and to clear some of the common myths about meditation.

If you are curious about trying meditation or just want some new guided meditations to follow, don’t miss the meditation series I’ve created for you.

How can you clear these myths about meditation and START TODAY!

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