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Secrets to Meditation Taming Your Mind

The interview with Ambika Devi is a full of wisdom. She has a great passion for meditation. In this episode we talk about the secrets of meditation. Among many things Ambika loves experience meditation as a tool to discover Self.

Ambika is teaching wellness, communication and has roots within holistic health, astrology, energy work and coaching using her eclectic toolbox.

When we evolve meditation is the foundation of our evolution and awareness of Self. Learn more in this episode. Click below!

Personally, Ambika learned how to meditate and practice yoga at an early age. She is sharing her powerful story of how she experienced meditation practice within her community. This early experience with meditation helped her to set the direction for her future mission and study.

Ambika is on a mission to learn as many techniques as possible. She wants to help others still their mind. She is passionate about the opportunity to teach school teachers meditation to help that sensation of community and unity.

As we discuss, in meditation we naturally connect with our senses and the oneness of consciousness. Therefore, it’s very important to be aware of our senses while meditating, instead of viewing meditation as something of the mind.

Moreover, one of the secrets to meditation is sleep and the ability to relax through sleep. Ambika is offering 50 % off her fabulous sleep course. Coupon code: newlightliving (limited time). Visit or

Three launch points to the secrets of meditation:

1. Physical activity

First, have you thought of that physical activity actually can be meditative? For example you may have lost track of time while exercising? This is the state of flow which is the meditative state.

2. Mind entertainment

Next, another way to get into a meditative state by watching patterns, listening to frequency sounds, or guided meditations. Even techniques like hypnosis recordings where you are led to the meditative state etc.

3. Breath work

Lastly, a simple way to get into a meditative state is to close eyes and focus on your breath.

The experience of meditation is a full body experience.

In conclusion, listen or watch to the full episode for more inspiration!

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