Unity Consciousness the Energy of the Heart

My guest today Arianna Pienaar is an Energy Medicine Mentor. We dive into the topic of Unity Consciousness and the Energy of the Heart.

Arianna helps us integrate the four aspects of Self so that we can live a full life aligned with who we are meant to become in this life.

She is sharing the journey along with powerful insights and tips on how to step into living in unity consciousness and becoming whole.

She started out in this spiritual evolution through yoga, the practice of yoga asana. And at first, she participated in classes simply because I thought it was good for the body as she came from a history of dancing. But very soon yoga became so much more…

After a physical injury, her life took a turn and she went through the dark night of the soul. “It was about connecting to a part of myself that I hadn’t necessarily connected with before”. 

And one thing leads to another. She found herself a mentor in energy medicine. And she ended up mentoring her for a number of months on a one-on-one basis.

And that literally shifted her whole life.

What is unity consciousness?

If we look at the universal laws, one of them is that all is one. In other words, what is in one is in the whole. We start to understand how, if you look at source or universal energy, we are part of that.

Some may think that we’re separate from that.

And then there’s us, but earth in itself is surrounded by a bubble. The universe in itself is surrounded by a bubble of this energy. The source, is this connective tissue of many different solar systems.

And so unity consciousness is really the understanding and not only from a logical sense but an embodiment sense that we all of one another.

That we are all together in this life, in this experience of what it is to be a human.

It’s the understanding that the energy of the heart we’re all one. And what is in me is also in you.

I think we’ve been brought up in a time where we’ve been led to believe that my pain is my pain and my struggle is my struggle.

And it takes a lot of almost dismantling of a lot of belief systems and ways of being. As we begin to understand that once we drop the walls of separateness, we actually work so much better. When we’re working as one unit.

As we are progressing we are recognizing the fact that we are responsible for our own truths.

And at the same time, the dismantling of all of these systems, the darkness is brought to the light. We’re all coming into this new age of consciousness.

Means we need to now become conscious of the choices that we’re making and the truths that we believe in.

And yes, we’ve got this idea of unity consciousness as translated through the energy of the heart.

Perhaps it’s just a thought that you have, or a concept that you understand, or you’re beginning to understand now. And ultimately unity consciousness is an, is an embodiment.

It’s an experience. It’s not something that you just understand from reading a book.

It needs to be embodied.

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