Dream Your Life Balance. Stop Playing it Safe!

Do you have life balance or a busy life that fill your day to the brim?

Often when we live mostly in our heads we have no life balance, because our minds often drive us beyond our natural limits.

Life balance is becoming more and more desirable. Are you starting to feel done with living your life based on your to-do list?

This post will give you step by step guidance that you can follow to apply goal setting to your life so that you can find more life balance.

Do you want a BIG change to life balance? 

The time is right to start making a change to your daily rhythm. There is one thing you need to do first.

Check out the list below and do a quick self check.

Do you recognize yourself in the below description? 

Do you want to:

  • feel more alive and present in your life, not just rush around trying to get your to-do list done?
  • feel that there is more room for You, not just the 9-5 work, and work, and more work?
  • less multitasking and business travel on short notice?
  • find soul sisters in your life to feel being just you with?
  •  surround yourself with things that inspire you, not mainstream status symbols?
  • feel clear, calm and connected, not confined, just free AND productive?

If you’re saying yes to one or more of the above, you are ready to make a change to invite more flow in your life! 

When we ignore the signs that it’s time to slow down and make changes, and we are still rushing around… one more week and so on, it’s time to start asking yourself some questions.

One of the best ways to begin a journey of self growth to life balance is to start with connecting with your feelings.

Do you feel that you are already living in the future, thinking about your goals all the time, always thinking ahead and plan everything out weeks ahead?

This is different. To find our life balance we need to allow ourselves to dream.

goal setting guide

Consider carving out time to truly Dream? I mean really DREAM.

Sitting in stillness, with yourself only with no distractions, not even a smart phone. Then, slowly start to tap into those tucked away feelings and get moved by them, feeling it inside your body.

Knowing what your true self desires and what you want to be different in your life is key to goal setting.

Many women feel helpless because they feel that EVERYTHING needs to change having a hard time pinpoint what to change. Does it feel like your feelings are not connected to what you truly want. It’s hard to come up with something?

So, the question to ask ourselves then is: Have you been allowing yourself to DREAM about what the opportunity REALLY is? To the point that you are feeling it in your body?

Or are you playing but within your perceived limits? 

Being honest with ourselves is a great motivator to start because we realize that we feel better about our goals if we are transparent with ourselves and about what the reality is.

“How would I know if I am playing it safe?” you may ask. Well, if we are dreaming about something that someone else has achieved or something that someone we know already have done?

Yes we are playing it safe.

This is about YOU, not what others already have or do. This is unchartered territory in your life and you wouldn’t know the answer, right?

Time to step into your power –  Working Wonder Woman !!

Stop playing it safe and DREAM your life balance!

For many years I didn’t have any interests or passion projects outside work. I really didn’t know what I was going to do if I didn’t do work or spend time with my family.

Having a young family and working full time including business travel had me totally operating from my head only, not with my heart. I had put my feelings aside.

So when I lost my job I crashed. I was lost.

I had created a well oiled machine of a life that was highly effective, and routine, but with no emotion or creativity, just laser focus. 

Laser focused on work and taking care of 3 kids. There was absolutely no room for anything else. 

The thought of even thinking of a different way of relating to my day was so foreign at the time. Now I realize I didn’t allow myself to dream or connect with feelings outside my well oiled machine routine.

My wake up call came years ago when I lost my job and I had to start defining what my new path was going to be.

From one day to another l had to step out of my “Working Wonder Woman Costume” and start dreaming about what’s possible.

And I sat and sat dreaming until I felt my vision and goals in my bones.

You can do it too, without losing a job first, or any other kind of rock bottom.

Once we have made the decision to start we have to test ourselves on what we are up for. What is it really that we want to change and why? The clarity around What and Why are so important, but it can take some time.

your life balance

Then, your feelings will guide you.

If a feeling keeps coming back, it’s probably right for you. Notice what you are feeling excited about when you think about it? Take note when this happens.

On the other hand, if you feel nothing and you don’t know where to start, is sometimes common and it may be because you are pushing progress and that is opposite of what works.

This is even more a reason to apply this goal setting step-by-step inner job guide to dream your life  balance.

I want to give a heads up!

This practice is done totally in the present moment leaning into the future.

However, past experiences may pop up to trying to keep us from expanding our vision. So, be aware of this. Try to leave the past behind to get the most out of the next steps below.

And be sure to write everything down in your journal.

First step is to define your life balance. What does balance and living in flow really mean to you?

First of all, it’s key to allow ourselves to truly dream without bouncing our dream against the wall of realism right away.

It’s so important to expand ourselves beyond where we normally do using our curiosity about life and our imagination to get to the heart of what we really want.

Allowing ourselves to feel is a good thing, it’s actually a requirement when we do goal setting this way.

Therefore, our feelings can guide us to possibilities that are waiting for our unique talent.

Our heart wisdom will guide us to what balance mean to us. No-one else would know what it means to us.

Simply, put the brain on hold and dream without limits.

Second step is to ask yourself; “What do I need?”

It’s all internally determined. Energy. Vibration. Mood. Everything.

It has been said that all personal development starts with inner work, therefore inner work is how we test drive our vision. Making space to go to the depths of your desire of what a more balanced day would feel like as compared to what you’re currently living. 

Another approach to making our dream real for us is to visualize it, write it down, draw pictures, write down emotions and recall those emotions from past heights in our life.

Tip: If you can feel the inner relief when you stay in the energy and feeling about your desired goal, you are on the right track. 

Third step is to ask yourself  “What do I want to create?” These are external, physical, tangible, measurable goals and timelines.

Describe what is the difference from now, how much additional money? or how much more time for yourself, or with your family?

Get into the detail. How much less travel? Put numbers to it because that will help you see the opportunity.

Next, how would you know you have achieved your vision? Describe your tangible dream to the point where you can almost touch it. Write it down and describe it some more.

How would you be able to tell that you’ve achieved the life balance you want?

Write it all down.

Finally, now you have both an emotional and physical connection to your dream of how life balance could take expression in your life.

“Immerse yourself in the energy of what you desire.”

-Hiro Boga

So, this is your dream beyond what you have ever thought of possible. You feel the excitement inside because you also can feel the tangible possibility for you.

This is getting real!

Finally, ELEVATE this to the next level!

Now, take all of those goals and attributes you have described for you and now elevate this, amp it up another notch, and above all add another 25% at least.

Stretch the vision of what life balance means to you.

NOW you are at the edge of your wildest dreams. This is your compass to the destination. See it, feel it, taste it and then put even more details to it as you develop into living your dream.

How about start living this vision today? Your compass is your feelings.

Another favorite quote of mine is:

“Whenever you start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel,

you start guiding yourself back to your stream of source energy, and that’s where your clarity is, 

that’s where your joy is, that’s where your flexibility is, that’s where your balance is, that’s where your good ideas come from.

That’s where all the good stuff is accessed from.”

– Abraham Hicks

Also, how can we keep this vision with us on a daily basis? How can we keep it alive? A powerful way to amplify this goal setting guide is to tell someone about our vision because that is how we mean it.

Surprisingly, if we can find a way to remind ourselves about our dream of living a balanced life it may result in a life change!

Another previous blog highlights the importance of staying with a dream and how we can create powerful reminders to stay on track long term: Better than Health App: How to Stick with Your Personal Goals Using a Soul Reminder.

your life balance

As a result of doing this work and staying in the feeling of what we desire, we can make your dream happen naturally by reminding ourselves of our vision and tap into how we want to feel on a daily basis.

By living in the feeling of what want we remind ourselves of life balance.

So, I encourage you to get started today!

First, schedule a two hour slot out of your busy day, clear it out totally, no phones or distractions.

Do not disturb!! (If this is he first time you are doing goal setting in this way for yourself ever, certainly hat is off to you!! Congratulations!).

Then, find a quiet place, sit down and make your space comfortable. Bring out your favorite journal. Light a candle, sit in a comfy chair, diffuse your fav oil, play soft music.

Lastly, meditate, get centered and START.

If you want to explore this goal setting guide in a deeper way with your own personal examples, work with an intuitive life coach.

What does your Life Balance feel like?

your life balance


and live with
more ease & flow!


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