How to Make a Good Decision Every Time!

In this post I’m going to give you 3 things that needs to be present to make a good decision, every time!

How many times have you felt that a decision you’ve made wasn’t so good? 

The feeling of flip-flopping back and forth. Should I do this….or that?? can be leading you to procrastinate and delay your way forward.

Or you may changed your mind and jumped on another idea.

Maybe the decision showed itself to be a not be the best one for you after all.

I’m sure you’ve been there.

I have definitely!

So that brings me to the question:

How can you make a good decision?

I have found that there are three things that need to be present for a good decision to happen. 

This has worked for me every time and I hope it’ll work for you too.


One of the reason that decisions are feeling hard to make is that we’re not trusting ourselves that we can make a good decision.

Have you ever felt that when you don’t know which way to go it’s easy to ask the opinion of friends and family, or we search the internet for reviews and recommendations.

And so it goes.

We’re seeking the answer. We want a GOOD answer.

When we ask for advice from others, what we should do, this is a sign that you’re not fully trusting yourself.

What happens is that we want others to make us feel good about the decision.

The inner work that it takes to trust yourself is worth it.

Start today!


Another reason for making decisions that are not 100% for us is that we are not bringing our body into the decision making.

Body consciousness is very wise and it’s built up of instinct and intuition.

And when we are all up in our heads about something, we disconnect from our body and the decision may not be a full body YES!

The body is a field of energy that takes in influences from our environment but also reflect our own intentions, so if you’d like to make a good decision.

Check in on your intention (why you are making the decision) but also notice your natural body response.


A good decision that is right and genuinely good for you always feel good without and explanation.

This is interesting, because how many times do we try to justify decisions that we’re making?

Notice if you need to explain why you’re making the decision to yourself, that’s a red flag.

You already have the answer within you.

Now, let’s do a practice!


(This practice is available also in audio and video format starting 4 minutes in, see above)

First, let’s ground yourself.

Then sit down somewhere comfortable and put your feet on the ground.

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose.

Notice all the thoughts that are swirling around inside your head.

Next take another deep inhale through your nose, hold it for 2 seconds, and then exhale all of that through your mouth.

Tune into your body.

Notice how you feel and bring into your mind the situation where you need to make a decision.

Keep your eyes closed and ask your body: What’s the right answer?

Notice what direction the body want to go when you ask it for the answer.

How do you feel?

Listen to the answer, write it down right away, no edits. It may not make sense right away, but it’s the answer.

Trust it! 

Lastly, if you feel torn or don’t like what you wrote down, you likely tried to make it into an answer, you tried too hard. 


Your truth is always going to make you feel good.

Surrender and Repeat.

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and live with
more ease & flow!


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