How to Master Your Energy to Heal

My podcast guest Danielle Ingenito is passionate about helping women awaken their true self worth, especially after toxic relationships. In this episode we talk about how to master your energy, which is a key component of self empowerment.

Danielle is a Reiki master, psychic medium and empowerment life coach.

Join us!

Danielle herself went through a devastating divorce that lounged her on a downward spiral personally that ultimately led her to try energy healing.

She had an aha-moment the first time she experienced the power of healing through universal energy. This changed everything for Danielle! She felt SO good afterwards.

To Clear and Release Your Energy is part of Mastering Your Energy

According to Danielle energy healing and mastering and protecting your own energy is very relevant, because many of us are absorbing other people’s energy that cause us to being impacted negatively.

Danielle is suggesting that we all have the opportunity to learn to clear and release energy that is not ours. In addition, it’s important to address and clear the energy of traumas that we carry from our childhood.

Some of the things that we may not doing due to carrying energy from the past is to settle for less than what we deserve. Another example is becoming a people pleaser, searching for external validation to block ourselves from the opportunities that could be available to us.

Ultimately the lack of clearing that energy is holding us back from the life that we could have.

Holding on to Energy May Hold You Back from Living the Life You Are Meant to Live.

According to Danielle energy healing could be a field of support to people that may expand in the future to support healing mental health issues and help holistic healing overall.

Danielle mention that it’s important to know you default energy and notice when there’s a shift and you don’t know why this shift happened. That may be a sign that you’ve taken on someone else’s energy.

There are ways to clear energy that has been absorbed from another person. Get Danielle’s deep energy clearing mentioned in the episode

Listen or watch to the full episode and you’ll get a powerful energy clearing exercise that you can do right away.


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