Signs from the Universe that You are on the Right Path

I love discussing the topic of signs from the Universe because it brings us into the world of the unseen and messages from the universe that we have available to us every day.

I encourage you to dive deeper into learning, how to read your own signs from the universe and synchronicities in your life.

Isn’t it so, that we often have evidence for things to be real? Things aren’t going to happen unless they are planned out and that’s how we know that they are going to happen.

But when it comes to signs and synchronicities things that are just showing up for us!

So why not enrich our lives with signs and synchronicities, because those are nudges from the universe to show you that you are on the right path.

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Signs and synchronicities that are for you can never lead you down the wrong path.

Isn’t that great because signs and synchronicities are there for you.

They’re showing up for you for a reason.

And often it is because you, at that moment is aligned with energy that is for your highest good. That’s why I say that signs are nudges for you in the right direction.

When you go back in your life, what are some of the synchronicities that you have experienced or signs in your life in the past?

Go back to if there’s any memory or something from your life that you have, all it’s a sign. It was such a sign. And I saw it. I honored it because it’s important also to reflect upon when we have had signs in our lives and what direction that sign led us towards.

And sometimes it’s really, really hard to realize that it’s a good sign and believe it.

A sign may not play out in the physical world as something that was pleasant. It was uncomfortable perhaps sometimes, but in hindsight, you can see that it was for your highest good.

Personally, I ignored multiple signs a few years ago that led me to my rock bottom.

And at the time I, it was really hard. I couldn’t see really that what was happening was something for the good at the time. But in reality it involved a major shift in my life that that led me to my life’s work that I do today.

In fact, it definitely kick-started a new chapter in my life that I couldn’t see it was in the unseen at the time.

So this is how impactful signs and synchronicities can be.

It can be a life change for us when we receive a sign or get into synchronicity energy, but there can also be signs that you were given daily or regularly in your day-to-day life to gently nudge you in the right direction.

So there’s a whole spectrum of, of signs and synchronicities that we can experience. And the key here is if you’re curious in opening up this ability more to notice signs and synchronicities, it is just that to be open, to notice and observe.

Signs and synchronicities are not coming when you want them to be, they are just showing up out of the blue and your job is to notice them.

And so many times when we live our busy lives, it’s hard to notice signs and synchronicities.

So our mind is not going there because it’s not really our mind that is the receiver. It is your aura, your heart energy, and your intuition that is tapping into that energy alignment of the moment.

It’s not the mind because the mind wants to figure it out. And that’s not the domain of what we’re talking about here.

Signs and synchronicities are linked to the universe and the universal energy around us that is linked to our heart and intuition.

So that’s very important to sense that difference here; the mind energy and what we want of know in advance versus the heart energy intuition and universal energy. It is all linked together.

And signs comes with an intuitive hit.

So what are signs?

If someone hasn’t been focusing on noticing signs and synchronicities in their lives before; signs can be number combinations, some times it can be a repeating animal showing up often, such as butterflies or birds are also messengers.

So when you see the animal or the bird, notice what comes up in that moment. Don’t doubt it, just notice. That’s often the message.

Signs also often come in symbolic form. Use your imagination when interpreting the message.

In that sense, repeating patterns of anything in your life can be something that you notice words or music can also bring a message.

The most important part is to be open to receive the messages. And soon you will see, you will notice how signs and synchronicities are delivered to you specifically.

Now, I want to take this a little bit deeper because synchronicities and signs also can come in the forms of ideas, and intuitive hits. It can also come in the form of downloads in the sense that you may just know something.

You just KNOW, and that can often be through a download of information or knowledge or a sense of something that you just know is true, but it can also be through interactions with others.

If you’ve had synchronicities with others at meeting somebody for the first time and feeling a connection of familiarity, for example, is a clear synchronicity.

Now, why are we talking about all of this and why is it important with starting to open up to the unseen in this way?

In my experience, when we start to enrich our life with signs and synchronicities, starting to open up ourselves to notice those, we increase our trust in our own inner compass.

We start to trust in our own ability to know and discern what is right and wrong for us.

So it becomes less of an analytical exercise to know what’s right for us, the pros and the cons, and so on. It becomes more of an exercise of inner knowing.

The trust that we can build with, by allowing signs and synchronicities from the Universe to be part of our daily life is a great benefit.

But the belief in yourself is different from trusting yourself to believe in yourself, can expand into developing skills that you haven’t had before because you believe you can.

By trusting our inner knowing, we can sit back, relax, and let go a little bit more of the tight reins we hold on our lives often. So what a great benefit, right?

To feel guided and stop the pushing.

Basically what I’m talking about here is the shift between letting our mind relax a bit, letting our mind step to the side, and allowing our heart and intuition to be in the forefront and lead in our lives.

So that we can live a life where we can believe in ourselves going down the path that is right for us instead of multiple detours because it sounded good.

How have you noticed any signs from the Universe specifically for you this past week?

I’m going to give you a couple of tips here, how you can take this to the next level.

First, your assignment for the week is to start noticing signs that are for you. Whether it’s a penny the, on the ground, whether it’s a feather or a butterfly or anything, anything you decide that is going to be your sign for the week.

And then again, state that you are open to receiving this sign. And this is an inner exercise because you have to really allow yourself to open up to receive it.

Not just logically thinking, oh, show it to me. But actually believe that you will be receiving a sign this week.

Then the third thing is, DON’T LOOK FOR IT.

Don’t look under each rock for the sign. Don’t look and keep an eye out. And where I said, where is it? No, let it go. Don’t look for your sign, but be open to noticing, be open to just know, because you can’t miss it.

You cannot miss the sign when it shows up, trust that.

And if you want to dive deeper into this world of universal energy that is available to you all ways and want to expand your abilities to tap into the unseen I recommend also listening to a previous episode on intuition and inner knowing.

And also if you want to dive even deeper and curious about this, check out my book – Wisdom Beyond What You Know; How to Shift from Being Driven by the Mind to Living from your Heart and Intuition.

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