Self-Care in 2024: The Top Priority Meeting You Can’t Miss!

What is the most important meeting of your life right now?

You guessed it! The inner self-care meeting with yourself.

Do you give yourself a break daily? If not, ask yourself “Why not?”

Maybe you feel you’re too busy. That’s no wonder given everything that’s going on right now.


If you are NOT prioritizing self-care to balance the time you spend on tending to others (incl. your family and your work place) during your whirlwind of a day…

…TODAY may be the day you’re going to change that!


Because self-care is the key to stay connected with yourself so that you can flow into ANY changes with ease.

Self-care is the grounded way to evolve and grow in these times.

You evolve and grow step by step.

For the long-haul.

Personally, I try to grant myself at least 40 min to an hour a day, just for me. It’s essential to my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

I crave it. Everyday. It’s part of who I am now.

It hasn’t always been like that…

The good news is when you allow yourself to regularly spend time on “self-care” (a buzz word that may introduce some anxiety for you just thinking about it), you don’t have to have something specific planned to do!

To not have to have something to DO was a great relief and realization for me. Because I always had something I could DO. Always.

Such a relief.

Do you get a self-care break at some point during your day?

self-care join the challenge

A break were you can reflect and catch up with you?

The non-doing is really the beauty of self-care, your “you-time”.

It’s the feeling that you have space your day when you are listening only to yourself, sinking in to your own being, to catch a full breath finally.

Whatever you feel you need is exactly what you should do during your sacred time.

Self-care comes with many definitions and it’s easy to look at what others are doing.

And it’s easy to assume that self-care is only the things that make you look good.

Inner self-care makes you FEEL good.

Make sure that during your self-care time, YOU get to decide what caring for yourself looks like!

And the most important thing for you may be to make space in your calendar for your inner self-care time. This can be really difficult!

The last thing I’d like you to do is to look at everyone else. The trick is to look inwards – ask yourself, “What do I need?”

Whether you work all day and come home tired, or you work from home trying to juggle everything at the same time, or your tend to your kids all day, you need this time to yourself badly.

If you don’t have 40 minutes for self-care, make it 15 or even 10.

Just start. Today.

You will notice the difference from day one.

Your life will change if you make the priority to define what self-care means to you.

When you do, there will be a pause every day, a feeling of stepping back, time to breathe and create.

It’s not the amount of time that matters, it’s the shift within to prioritize your needs and not miss this essential soul meeting with yourself.

When you regularly take time to yourself, you’ll start to embody your true desires.

Your sacred self-care time grows into something you crave. It will become part of your essentials.

When inner self-care becomes part of your essentials. You are changing your life for the better.

Now things can really happen, because you have created this space of creativity.

Your own creativity. For yourself.

Yes, you are busy, but it’s with a pause. Every day.

So wonderful! And so refreshing!

When you take care of your Inner Self, THAT is self-care!

Most of the time I spend my me-time in meditation, journaling, or writing. That’s the time when my true self is speaking. And boy do I listen…

It’s the time where major decisions are made, shifts that are about to happen, and where new ideas are crafted, and creativity is at an all time high.

No distractions, no kids demanding attention, no work emails coming in to my inbox that require action.

Just my true self speaking.

Does this sound like something you want to experience too?

This is where it all starts if you want to embody your desires and goals.

For so many years I pushed through every day with no time set aside for self-care.

There was no stopping.

I was exhausted, feeling like there was no space in my day. From one thing to another. All the time.

I didn’t feel anything anymore because the next day was going to be another day without space, no rest, no room for error.

If you feel you are in the rat race, however that rat race is expressing itself for you, I give you permission to step aside today.

Try this simple journaling practice:

  1. Take 10 minutes just with yourself. Meditate, or just start to free write in a journal or a blank piece of paper. It may feel very different to not have anything planned, but try it.
  2. Start writing down some words that describe how you feel. It may not be any positive words, that’s fine. Just writing down how it feels right now in this moment is freeing.
  3. Tomorrow, do the same thing. Set a timer and take just 10 minutes to yourself, with yourself. Notice the space. Reflect on your day so far.
  4. Look out the window. Notice how you feel. Don’t feel tempted to answer that email that came in to your inbox or pay attention to that laundry beep that you just heard.

Embodiment of your desires can take many forms, but it always includes time for reflection.

So many people don’t reflect, they just go about their day. Going through the motions and on to the next day…

To embody your desires, include your body and how you express your desires so that others can see them.

When you are done with thinking about what you really want to do, you WILL put your desires into action.

self-care with Ulrika Sullivan

When you take action on what you really want, you are making your life better.

I love this quote.

Confucio (500 B.C) said :

1) You have to stay calm

2) If You stay calm, your mind will stay calm.

3) If Your mind stays calm, You will stay in peace.

4) If You stay in peace, You can think and make progress finally.

This is what self-care is offering you. Peace within yourself. If only for a moment.

You deserve it.

Your body is your vehicle, your link to the external world. Your self-expression. 

When you express your true desires you are in your element. You are almost one with the environment.

Everything is an opportunity and there is a presence of joy and fulfillment. When you watch someone in their element you see the ease and the joy, the flow of energy is evident.

The opposite is also evident, when someone is trying to push it. Not much ease there…

That’s why it’s so important to find something that just flows.

Find something that’s just right for you.

Wisdom Beyond What You Know Ulrika Sullivan
Wisdom Beyond What You Know by Ulrika Sullivan

What is it in your life that just flows?

That’s the key.

If you don’t know, go back to the time when you were a in your early tweens, maybe 10 or 11.

What did you like doing then? Think about what you did back then so easily, it just came to you?

How can you bring back that success and ease from the past into to your life today?

These are questions that you may not have asked yourself in a while. This is self-care. To awaken your creativity again.

When you tend to your inner self that is self-care.

Put this top priority meeting on your calendar starting today. Bring in more self-care in the form that makes you feel good.

Get creative for YOU and you only. If so for 10 minutes per day.

How does inner self-care look like for you?

Read more about Ulrika’s self-care philosophy: “Self-Care Redefined: Create the Life You Want That Includes the Truth of Who You Are”.

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