Empowering Yourself Through Body Wisdom

In this episode we meet Alicia Love. She is a Soul Coach and an embodied free spirit with a life long passion for dancing. She is here to guide you to truly connect and experience yourself and life fully, including your body. In this episode we talk about Empowering Yourself Through Body Wisdom.

What I love about this episode is that Alicia wants you to walk away with some key tips on how to deeply listen to the body’s messages and what it has to say to you.

According to Alicia one of the best ways to connect with our body and its wisdom is through dance. She is passionate about dancing as a way to become one with our environment and the universe at the same time.

Moreover, body movement and tapping into our body is on the rise to balance the focus on our mind the past number of decades. To empowering yourself through the body’s wisdom is key. And listening to the body takes practice. Sometimes the body knows long before we realize a situation.

Do you know what your body is telling you? Empower yourself!

So start today! Empowering yourself through body wisdom is ancient and it may be as easy as a five minute body scan that can help you tune into where in the body more attention is needed.

Lastly, join Alicia in her upcoming program Empowered Potential and visit her website

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