How to find Self Love and Become Your Own Guru


How to find Self Love and Become Your Own Guru

How do you develop a sense of ‘I’m taking care of myself first” attitude?

As busy women we rarely even consider reflecting on how we take care of ourselves.

Here you’ll learn tips on how to find self love and become your own guru so that you can truly live the life you want and deserve.

Why is it important for you to find self love and become your own guru?

Good question. Let’s ponder that for a moment…If you’ve never asked yourself this essential question, it’s time to ask that question today with no delay.

Through self love you’ll find the strength, courage and momentum to creating the life you want that includes the truth of who you are. 

Becoming your own guru is the key to your health, your happiness and your relationships.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You can’t give what you don’t have”. 

This same saying is true when it comes to allowing self love to guide your life and your self care as well. If you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of others. 

So simple, you may think. But that’s where the simpliness stops.

how to find self love

A few years ago I had the rare opportunity to take some time off. I mean some serious personal down time (thank you husband for making it possible). Last time I had an opportunity to spend extended time away by myself was some 20 years ago.

I took 3 weeks off with no whatsoever work or family commitments. Going back this year to where I grew up was a different type of visit. I had the time I needed to go deep with myself.

I can’t tell you how difficult it was to slow down the first week. Feeling guilty for not working, not keeping everything up that I knew needed to be done. Clearly I am used to be ON ALL the time.

When you’re ON all the time you forget to do things to feed your self love.

So, I decided to do an experiment to see if I could be TOTALLY disconnected from my to-do list, social media and other distractions for 3 whole weeks to see what I’d learn about myself.

I think that I’m pretty self aware, but that was not the point with this experiment to become self aware. The point with this experiment was to find out what I REALLY VALUE and what I NEED DEEP DOWN as a person when everything else is in the background.

It goes without saying that I learned A LOT about myself during those 3 weeks. Read on!

Have you thought of when there are no distractions just you and the day ahead. With no plans, like a blank piece of paper and you allow yourself to turn to what’s most important to your soul first.

When it’s just you and your soul living a day together, no obligations, no to-do’s, a blank schedule, some deep magic happens.

There is no better knowledge to have in life to become your own guru. You enable yourself to live a better life.

Now is the time to learn something about yourself. Being in this state of connection with yourself and disconnected from everything and everyone else, you become your own guru. 

how to find self love

Here are 3 tips that I recommend to you if you want to become your own guru, go back to basics, and learn something new about yourself while practicing it in the moment.

I would say you definitely need at minimum of 3 days completely by yourself with no distractions to do this:

1. Connect with your roots and places where you grew up.

If you get a chance to connect with your roots in some way, do it! Truly prioritize this opportunity if it comes up for you either by visiting places where you grew up or travel back via photos etc. 

Connecting with your roots can be a very healing experience, especially if you haven’t connected with your past recently.

When we connect back to our past we connect to our truth. The past can be positive or negative or both so this connection always comes with some sort of emotion. However, what you feel about your roots is not the point here. It’s THAT you connect with your roots.

By connecting to your roots you can notice some sort of progression in how you perceive the places and people you grew up with.

Your roots formed you and by connecting back you get reminded of what was important to you then that you may have disconnected from.

Ask yourself – How true am I to my roots and where I come from?

2. Find your natural self care routine.

When our true self is accessible we can strengthen our alignment to our life force and therefore our true needs of self care.

Basically, the more you allow yourself to connect to your true self the more thoughts of how you can take care of yourself care come up.

Also, in the midst of not having to do anything, you may find out that you indeed look forward to do certain things per day naturally. 

What are those things that you prefer doing over the course of a day even if you don’t have to?

I personally discovered while 3 weeks off the grid that I naturally was looking forward to the most were my daily meditation, my daily yoga routine and being outside daily.

No resistance whatsoever to those activities.

Ask yourself – What do I need to feel good? What do I look forward to do, even if I don’t have to do it? & How do I take care of myself?

3. Discover what’s next for you.

One of the benefits of spending an extended time with yourself to become your own guru is that you’ll naturally know what’s next for you in your own evolution.


By spending extended time with yourself on your own you learn how to listen to yourself and notice what comes up. I did a lot of journaling while during my time off. It was the perfect time spent because so many new discoveries about what and where life will take me next came up intuitively. 

Just by listening to your intuition you’ll know what’s your next step to focus on.

If you really listen, your insights grow on you over time. Insights like that cannot come to you if you’re not truly tuned into yourself through your intuition.

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Personally, as I was listening to myself for 3 weeks, I discovered that I am now ready to take the next step. I want to embrace an even more holistic and clean living lifestyle than I do now, including taking my food and drink choices to the next level.

When you want to know how to find self love – Ask yourself and listen to the answer – “What is the right next step for me in my personal evolution”?

Taking time to yourself to find self love and become your own guru is also about building and growing your alignment to your true self more and more.

Have you ever noticed it’s often in interactions with others our ego plays the most. When you spend time with yourself with no agenda, the ego steps back and your true self is more accessible.

Taking extended time to yourself (at least 3 days) to become your own guru is an expression of self-love. When you practice self love you become your own guru. 

You gain the ability to turn to yourself for your answers. Practicing self love through connection to your past is very powerful. You’ll find out what you truly need to take care of yourself. It will help you move your life to a deeper level and your next area of growth.

How can YOU become your own guru?

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