The Art of Reclamation: Rising Up as Your Own Hero

My guest Megan Johnson is a life coach and creative consultant. She is passionate about helping others rise as a leader and hero of their own. In this episode, we talk about the art of self-reclamation and why it’s so important to have the courage and rise up as your own hero.

What I love about this episode is the lesson that it’s never to late pivot in life, stand up for who you are, and make decisions that are right for you and your happiness.

You can find Megan on social media @megscolleen and her website

Megan is a great example of someone who has reclaimed her own power. In this episode she shares her own recommendations on where to start if you’re in a place of doubt.

Do you want to come home to yourself and be the leader in your life?

What does rising up in your own life mean to you?

Her work is focused on both creativity and self-empowerment. And often when someone is reclaiming their own power it goes hand in hand with new creative ventures.

How does that new creation look to you?

Do you feel boxed in or simply feeling frustrated or confused? It may be a sign to start reclaiming your power even more.

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