Attracting Abundance: Align with the Flow of Nature

In this episode we’re talking about attracting abundance and aligning with the flow of nature to do so. When you say the word abundance, what’s coming up for you?

You may have a perspective on abundance that may be focused on material things. Often money comes up when we talk about abundance.

However, there’s an energetic alignment that needs to happen for abundance in physical form to occur.

Abundance is balance and harmony in terms of energy.

The key to this is being in alignment with the energy of abundance before we see abundance in physical form. And nature is a beautiful example of abundance because there’s a pure energetic alignment already.

If you look at the material world, so many things are not balanced right now in the world. And some of some of us may feel frustrated and worried at this time.

So here we’re going to look at abundance from an energetic perspective.

The the idea is that there’s a need for energetic alignment for abundance to happen. And there is a way we can tap into natural abundance, and that is to connect with nature.

It’s just one way of simply aligning with a bigger force than ourselves. Nature is a great example, because most of us have nature around the corner.

But, so many of us have lost the connection and exchange of energy with nature.

It’s easy to attract abundance if you connect with nature daily.

In our modern way of living, many of us have not been including a connection with nature in our daily life. Now we have an opportunity to be mindful and aware of the natural abundance that is in existence in nature. And align with it. Because there is always balance in nature.

Have you thought about that? For example, there is no stopping the blooming of the trees.

And there’s the evidence that trees for example, are very much part of this bigger ecosystem of energy. Because there is nothing stopping its alignment with the natural cycle.

In some way, we have removed ourselves from natural cycles.

I’d like to encourage you to step back into honoring the cycles of your life and environment.

What is your relationship with nature?

We can learn so much from nature. What is it that nature can really teach us about attracting abundance?

One thing that comes up for me is there is enough for everyone. If you think about the blooming again, or the bees in the pollination system, if you will, it all just happens.

There is enough for everyone and this eco cycle, this natural cycle just continues, continues, continues, and continues.

I feel the other teaching that nature can be a role model of is everyone has a unique role.

For example in the animal kingdom, every creature has a unique role in nature for contributing to this natural abundance.

Right? So we, each one of us have a unique role being here right now.

So if you choose to tap into that type of teaching instead of keeping the mind chatter going “I don’t have this, or I don’t have that”, or “I don’t have enough of this, or I need more of that”.

And instead, use the perspective of nature and abundance. Where everyone has a unique role and there’s enough for everyone and see what that does to your sense of comfort, trust, harmony, and balance in life.

I love the quote from Lao Tsu that helped me tap back into connecting with the abundance of nature and attracting abundance into my life. And that quote is “Nature does not hurry. Yet everything is accomplished“.

See yourself as part of the ecosystem of the whole.

So how do you notice natural cycles in nature, for example, or do you see abundance present in nature? And if you don’t, I have some tips for you to help you tap into that.

  1. One thing that we can start with to align to this natural abundance and attract abundance is to appreciate nature and feel gratitude for nature and notice the little things in nature.

So try that next time you go outside, say thank you to a bird or thank you to a tree and just observe a tree. For example, I love hugging trees.

So you’re going to hear more about that, but also wild animals, or even a flower, a butterfly, and see that in existence in its present moment and say thank you or feel gratitude and just feel appreciation for it is a great start to start aligning with natural abundance.

2. Now, if you want to take it further, that would be to spend mindful time in nature because sometimes we just go outside and nature is just there and we don’t really observe or notice.

I’d love to invite you to spend intentional time in nature. It could be as short as two minutes, (but not two minutes on the phone just being outside no…)

3. And then I’d love for you to increase the time you spend in connection with nature. It is a beautiful practice to connect with the whole that all in that sense and natural abundance attracting abundance to yourself, aligning your energy to nature.

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