How to Increase Energy and Motivation in Your Daily Life

Do you feel excited and energized to start your work day in the morning? No? How can you increase energy and motivation in your daily life?

Every day we respond to life via an energetic response.

We either respond with low energy seeing the obstacles and having a complaint ready to go, OR we respond with high energy, seeing the opportunity in a situation.

Below I’ll show you how you can increase energy and motivation with a few practical steps.

If you feel tired and already drained when you walk through the doors at work, or when you start up your computer at home in the morning, the first thing to wonder is “Why am I feeling so drained?”.

Thoughts may come up over and over again that you want to make a change to your work situation (or a life situation).

You may feel so powerless and too tired to even think about making changes given your busy, complex life.

You may think to yourself “When I have THIS.. I will make THIS! happen”. Or “I just want THIS so bad right now, but it’s not happening the way I want!!”… how frustrating!

These are all typical conversations going on in our minds all the time that you probably recognize very well.

The voice of the ego is in charge and in control.

It’s the voice of ME, MINE, and I WANT IT NOW!

Personally, I identified myself a lot with my job and corporate career.

My work was ME.

My self-worth was how well I did at work, and how much I excelled in doing a great job.

I gave my energy away at work every day to succeed.

Everyday multitasking drained my energy completely.

That left me depleted at the end of the day.

how to increase energy and motivation

My desire ultimately was to be seen as a high-performing, successful contributor and employee (then add being a great mom on top of that).

I was totally in my mind, task-oriented, a great collaborator, problem solver, and caregiver at home.

We’re so used to keep pushing and pushing with the responsibility to move things forward on all fronts at the same time.

My ego was driving for success everywhere, totally driven by external factors, and at a very high cost.

I sacrificed my well-being. I gave my energy away.

When I look back on this situation and the way I was living, I was out of balance with my own natural energy flow.

I ignored this need to align with my natural energy flow for years.

No wonder I was exhausted!

Do you recognize yourself in my story? Are you also giving your energy away?

Are you curious about how to increase energy and motivation in your daily life?

Our own life energy flows through physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental aspects of our daily lives.

The key is to not give your energy away.

Increase energy and motivation by aligning with your own natural energy flow from the inside and out.

Gaining the skills to balance my own energy from inside and out in life saved me.

Today, I’m approaching my work day and life in a completely different way.

Every morning, I connect back to my inner energy, my consciousness, through meditation and ask myself “What do I need today?”

The answers are different each day.

how to increase energy and motivation

It may be that my physical energy needs a boost, so I’ll do yoga to recharge my body.

Another day it may be that I need to prepare mentally for a day serving others, and what do I do?

I visualize how I energetically want to show up in that meeting, and how I’m envisioning myself maintaining my energy throughout the meeting.

I renew my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy through meditation and yoga.

Another very effective way to shift my energy and emotions when I need them is to use essential oils. I either use the oils diluted directly on my wrists and back of my neck or via a diffuser.

Any of these ways help me align with my own natural energy flow, instead of depleting my energy.

And now I’m ready for every new work day.

The result is that I’m feeling fulfilled, joyful, and creative, every day!

And when I feel my energy is getting low, I connect back with my inner natural energy flow to see where I need to rebalance myself.

Maybe I have been sitting too long in front of the computer? What do I need right now this moment?

So how can you practice this energy shift yourself?

Next, I’ll share 3 tips on how you can increase energy and motivation to see your life in a different light, and not feel drained or exhausted anymore.


1)  Prioritize staying connected to increase inner energy and motivation.

Have you ever felt drained after you interact with certain people or in certain situations at work?

It’s so easy to get totally absorbed in a task, or an emotional conversation with someone, and that’s when it happens.

We give our energy away.

The first and most important thing is to commit to staying connected with your own energy.

When you stay connected to your own natural energy you safeguard your inner energy, consciousness, the Universe, your higher self, and God (whatever you’d like to call your inner life energy force).

It’s so easy to give your energy away to a situation or person without realizing that you can keep your inner energy intact.

I want to teach you how to walk away from a stressful situation or a negative person, without giving your energy away.

You have a choice to stay in balance with your own natural energy flow in every moment.

You can stay in balance if you allow your connection to your inner energy to be the priority, and not focus on the outcome of a situation.

When you hold on to an emotion rather than letting it flow through you, you give your energy away.

Here are a few examples that you may relate to when it comes to being attached to the outcome of a situation:

  • going crazy over not getting that promotion you really wanted.
  • being upset about not achieving the goal you had set up in the exact time you had planned.
  • complaining about a colleague who is driving you up the wall.

Connection to your higher self in those situations means that you don’t dwell on it.

For example, when things are not happening the way you want. Instead, you let go of the expectation and say:

“I’m cool. It didn’t happen, so it wasn’t for me right now”.

There is an important difference in the practice of letting go.

When something isn’t going the way we had intended, we feel inner resistance or we immediately feel sad and down about it.

The ego tells us that if something is not happening now, we’re not doing it right, or we should be able to figure it out.

On the other hand, when you are aligned with your inner energy flow, you trust that you are right where you need to be.

You are naturally catching the opportunities that show up right in front of you with ease in the moment.

In addition, when you are fine with moving on you also make it easier for yourself to catch the next opportunity even when things don’t turn out the way you had planned.


Are you up for a little experiment? :-).

See if you can notice the difference between when you are giving your energy away, or keeping it?

2)  Make a list of goals, but don’t stop there, give up the solution and surrender.

The most important part of achieving milestones in your life is to have the desire, and set intentions, and goals, but THEN don’t stop there, make sure you give up the solution on how to get there!

By leaving the path open on how to get there, you allow the solution to emerge which is just right for you (ie. the solution is not controlled by you).

By giving up the solution you open up the possibility for ALL options on how to get there.

If you can let your ego control the path, you close off most ways to get there.

You may feel that the only option available is how YOU want it to happen, and that’s sometimes not the best option.

Another thing is being obsessed over how it all is going to come together.

Believe me, I have done that MANY times!!!

So, instead of going for the perfect plan, you may be asking yourself “How can I give up my goals and desires to the universe?”

This way, you trust it’s going to happen, but the WAY it’s going to happen is not determined (by you).

If you are willing to not have it planned out, not predetermined, and not in your ego’s hands you’ll allow for the universe to organize it for you.

You don’t have to know how it’s going to happen.

how to increase energy and motivation

Trust that you will be guided to the perfect solution, and if you are open and observant you’ll notice when it happens.

How do you know you got there?

You’re not trying to manipulate the outcome, rather appreciating what you have today, and you know you’ll get what you have asked for when the time is right and you are ready.

Can you see how this is saving you tons of energy? Not having to worry or think through the what-if scenarios, no waiting and nail-biting, no energy spent wondering?

A great affirmation to use at the beginning of each day is:

“Today, guide me to release these attachments to [whatever your desire is].”

This affirmation is announcing your willingness to accept solutions outside your own power in this moment.

A great phrase to use to access the full power of setting intentions is:

“I welcome [whatever your desire is] and I give it away.”

3) Practice appreciation to release attachment and inner energy blocks.

Attachments to what we want are a matter of the ego.

We want something to happen so badly that we are blocking ourselves from things happening.

The key is to look around today and appreciate what you have.

The moment you put up an external goal, trying to control it to happen, you’re putting the goal above your inner balance and the connection to your consciousness is then disrupted.

You’ll feel off, and when you ignore it, that’s when you get stuck.

It’s our natural human tendency to look ahead wanting more.

It’s perfectly fine if you want more and have the desire and clarity to go for it.

But if you skip appreciating what you indeed already have you are missing a very important step.

The feeling of appreciation has the power to remove your inner blocks.

Appreciation can increase energy and motivation and allow it to naturally happen.

Personal growth, expansion, and fulfillment happen when we turn inward and start to appreciate what we do have.

When you release the attachments to your desire for more and the expectation for things to happen right away, you get unstuck, and your inner energy returns to an all-time high.

Here are a few simple ways to practice appreciation:

  • Bring out your favorite journal and write down all your desires and wants, then read them out loud 30 days in a row and add this sentence: “I am giving [whatever your desire is] away, I’m letting it go.
  • Every day, write and say out loud “Today I’m grateful for [write and say what you’re grateful for]”. This doesn’t have to be big things in life, challenge yourself to write down little things that exist in the physical world that surrounds you, as well as things from your inner mental, emotional, and spiritual world.
  • Notice what you put down, are there mostly external or internal things about your life that you appreciate? Why?


In summary, to increase energy and motivation in your daily life here’s what to do:

If you can stay connected with the moment now you are living in flow.

When you release your attachments to how things going to happen you are practicing surrender.

By practicing appreciation you release attachments and inner energy blocks.


What can you do to increase your energy and motivation today?

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