Soul Growth Made Easy with Heart-Based Self- Care Practices

Do you have the nagging feeling that personal change is coming up?

But you don’t know what it is. This is the time when heart-based self-care practices assists to accelerate your Soul Growth path forward.  

Deep down you want momentum to step into a new beginning and something amazing, but it feels so scary! Facing the unknown once again, ugh!

It feels so HARD in every fiber of the body to even thinking about taking action.  

The nagging feeling stays in our mind until it screams loud enough to make the effort to step out of our shell to reinvent ourselves again!

It’s like the body knows before we accept the change mentally.

Do you recognize yourself?

The good news is that if you’re in that situation right now, you came here for a reason. And there are proven many ways to experience change.

That’s why I created offerings at different levels so that you can tap into just the right beginning for you.

If you’re just starting out check out Soul Growth Starter where you get to know more about your natural soul energy, and my Private 1-1 Coaching Program if you’re ready to get that kickstart to your personal development and soul growth.

What about making this change in your life into an experience of adventure and discovery supported by soul sisters in a similar situation?

What can be more worth investing in than your own self-care practices? 

But you may think, I’m not sure. I feel alone, I’m scared and I bet I’m the only one that is being pushed into THIS kind of change right now.

Why would someone care about what I’m going through?

Everyone is living through life changes ALL the time. You’re not alone.

Some of the best moments are when you can release raw emotions that you have been bottling up for a long time, and feel totally supported and seen. 

This release of raw emotions and sense of freedom often happens when someone is discovering who they are again.

Self Care Practices Heart Based Lifestyle

Personally, I discovered my return to raw emotions through coaching. The coaching helped me to unravel and release long held energy that needed to be released.

Through coaching I could clear old stagnant emotions and make room in that inner space, gather courage and move on.

Coaching sessions are often the catalyst, but the real work is done between sessions.

When I sit in meditation, or write in my journal or simply notice that the usual now can be handled differently.

But it takes work to go on a personal growth adventure.

It takes work and courage to begin, and it takes more work and resilience to stay with it.

You have all of that within you!

Resilience to stay curious about what you discover about yourself. Every week, every month and year.

This is where heart based self-care practices come in to maintain a mindful lifestyle.

Because when you lead your life from the heart, it’s not work anymore, it’s love. Self-love.

People often ask me – how do you maintain your own self-care practices? It must be so hard with kids your busy calendar?

I’m working on living my ideal dream day right alongside my clients and students.

I practice the same things as I teach and I too fall off the bandwagon once in a while, believe me.

And here’s the thing – I’m in it with you! I am feeling it as well!

Being the teacher doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle, I totally do and that’s when I take my own medicine and use the tools and practices that I teach with varied success in my own life :-).

What keeps me so excited every day is that I love witnessing my clients having a breakthrough during a coaching session.

For example, I love hearing about how impactful your new morning routine with meditation and journaling is for you. And I love hearing that intentions you set 4 months ago are actually happening.

I love hearing about what your intuition is telling you and new insights about yourself and others.


But it’s not happening without you diving in and REALLY doing the work.

And it comes with a new depth in your life.

This is heart based work, this is the art of aligning with your own energy and discovering what the universe already has put in place for you to tap into.

This is soul growth and it can be made easy with self-care practices.

Self awareness and self-care practices are the path to Soul Growth and to succeed in these new times!

You’ll become self aware, learn how to listen to your intuition, and create your unique self-care practices rooted in meditation and yoga but based on your specific being.

But that’s not enough, because know that your personal discovery and self-care adventure is for life. You want to continue to explore, discover and go on new adventures based on what your heart is telling you, not your logic.

Do you want long term self awareness, self-love and self-care?

It starts with you knowing your own personal unique energy.

So I created Soul Growth Starter. This is an offering that is essential to get yourself closer to understanding your soul energy.  

The unique combination of spiritual soul practices such as life coaching, energy healing, basic interpretation of your Astrology, the GeneKeys and Human Design charts.

My personal recommendations for crystals and essential oils is included in your personal Soul Growth Starter kit.

All this I combined for you, so that you can know your natural soul energy more intimately. There may also be a special bonus included as well! 🙂

This opportunity gives you FOREVER tools and insights specific to your soul energy so that you can stay the course and stay connected and aligned with living your unique ideal dream day.

intuitive life coach


So what’s to do you if you’re on the cusp of a personal change but don’t know want your next best step is?

Here are three options so see which one you’re identifying with:

I am just starting to get into spiritual practices….

  • If you feel you want to learn more about your own natural energy and  really want to explore what soul practices is about to begin your journey to discover yourself again, I recommend starting with the Soul Growth Starter kit.
  • The insights that you’ll gain here are your true self energy speaking.


I’m so ready to get into action, but don’t know where to start ….

  • The Beyond the Mind Membership is a step-by-step self paced online program focused on increasing your self awareness set the foundation for your infinite well-being through spiritual practice from a heart based place, starting from where you are today.
  • You can take your time, go back and repeat as many steps as you want. 


I’m ready to go deeper…

  • If you feel that you’re beyond ready and want to go deeper, create massive momentum right away.
  • You want to go deeper to uncover and release the inner energy blocks that has been holding you back so far.
  • I recommend to head right into the Private 1-1  Coaching Program where go deep with full 1-1 support to release those energy blocks and get accountability support to propel you towards your next phase of life.

I am taking action towards my vision, but my problem is that I’m not consistent….

  • When you’re  having that momentum and things are starting to happen for you.
  • It’s SO easy to divert, life happens, you stop when things are getting good, and then you have to backtrack and maybe start all over again.
  • That’s when the the Beyond the Mind Membership is there for you to rely on, because of the consistent monthly inspiration, practice and support.

The Beyond the Mind Membership may be JUST what you need to keep you in that high vibration and stay the course to live your ideal dream day month after month.

In summary, if you know that you are ready to live your Ideal Dream Day, and want to increase your self awareness and self-care practices.

This is for you!

If you want to approach your change leading with a heart based mindset, you’re in the right place.

Heart Based Lifestyle

You can then take all of that into the 1-1 Private Coaching program to get into powerful action, go deeper, release the resistance as you make the changes to your life that you want to make.

Your long term success is in the consistent way you stay with your new heart based lifestyle.

Your new self-care practices support you to continue to evolve.

That’s why the The Beyond the Mind Membership is for you as a monthly resource for inspiration, to help with accountability while you grow and live your ideal dream day for good!

Don’t wait! What is the right next step for you?

Recommendation! Check out each of the programs below:

Soul Growth Starter

Beyond the Mind Membership

1-1 Private Coaching


 Schedule a free mini session with Ulrika to explore  what’s the best next step is for you.

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