Releasing Conditioning and Setting Boundaries -


Releasing Conditioning and Setting Boundaries

Her name is Gurds Hundal. She is an empath educator, a podcaster and an empowerment coach. In this episode we talk about releasing conditioning and setting boundaries.

Firstly, one of the things Gurds is passionate about is helping others identify and release conditioning that is holding them back. In this episode we talk about how important it is to become self aware if we want to release patterns and habits that may have had us struggle for years, even since childhood.

We hear Gurds own transformational story from someone who’s spirit felt tied down by culture and tradition. When she learned how to set boundaries and becoming herself, living her truth and most importantly trusting herself she blossomed!

Next, when we ask other people and the external world for answers instead of trusting our own wisdom and intuition it’s common to question ourselves and living with self-doubt. For Gurds this expressed itself as challenges with health and feeling frustrated with herself.

One day she heard the inner voice speaking up saying “It’s time to heal!” and from there on her own journey of releasing condition and setting boundaries was ignited.

We can be free and happy by setting boundaries!

Lastly, speaking up for ourselves and learning how to set boundaries are key for being able to live our truth and dreams! And most importantly learn how to say NO!

Remember, if we’re not listening to the signs the universe is giving us that it’s time to release the conditioning and start setting boundaries, challenges will show up again and again until we do!

Check out her website Let’s meet Gurds!

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