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yoga and meditation

Why is yoga and meditation practice so powerful when someone is going through a change? I have witnessed it personally, and many with me. Here’s why. Yoga and meditation can help you to provide the consistency it takes to make that change for good, help you evolve, go deeper to find balance in your life, […]

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Use Yoga and Meditation to Transform Your Life FOR GOOD!

Th Essential Step You Can’t Miss If You Want a Change in Your Life.

Have you heard yourself (or someone else) say “I don’t have time to work on myself.” Maybe later…”.  Why is that? Do you want to learn one step to change your life that works?! Hear me out, the majority of people go through life approaching it the same way they always have, EVEN if they’re not […]

The Essential FIRST Step To Change Your Life


The Essential FIRST Step To Change Your Life

inner critic

Are you feeling stuck and not really inspired about life? What you are telling yourself matters! Your inner critic may need a new job. Most of us are not even aware of what our inner voice is telling us every day. It’s like a favorite radio station constantly on in the background that keeps the […]

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4 Steps to Give Your Inner Critic a New Job!

love and logic

Do you talk yourself into doing things or taking a stand for a certain position all the time without knowing if it’s the right thing? We do this without even reflecting on how we got to the decision. Want to experience the difference between love and logic in action? In this post, let’s look at […]

Love and Logic: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart!


Love and Logic: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart!


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